Welcome Youth

Welcome to the Students page of the I’m Determined website. Self-Determination is all about you taking control of your life!  Part of taking control is taking responsibility for your education, your goals and your future. There are several main sections under the Students tab:

Resources - All resources tagged for students can be found here. Once you go to the resources page, you can sort them by file type (Word, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint, Audio). Everything is free to use, download, and reproduce.

Videos - All videos tagged for students can be found here. Once you go to the videos page, you can sort them by open captioned or no captions. 

Youth and Parent Summit - Find out more about the annual Youth and Parent Summit here. If you've never been, the Youth and Parent Summit is an amazing opportunity to learn more about becoming more self-determined, meet new friends, and work together to empower students. This is also where you will find the application.

MOVE - Find out more about the MOVE Youth Institute here. MOVE is an opportunity designed to empower African American males with disabilities to overcome barriers, become self-determined, and to graduate high school college and career ready. 

Resource Submission - Some of the best ideas and tools come from you. If you have something that you think would benefit the I'm Determined community, send it to us. Many of the resources that end up on the website have been created by students like you.

Opportunities for Leadership and Advocacy - If you want to do more to promote leadership and advocacy, this is the place for you! Find out about opportunities to share your story and more.