Goal Plan

We are all striving to become better at something or to accomplish a goal. But how often do we actually sit down and plan out steps to achievement? Whether you are trying to improve your grades, or accomplish a life-long goal, the Goal Plan will help you get there!

About the Goal Plan

What It Is

The Goal Plan is a visual representation of the steps needed to accomplish an identified goal. A graphic organizer assists the student in visualizing the goal, the steps needed to accomplish the goal, those who can support along the way, and possible outcomes resulting from attaining the goal.

What It Does

The Goal Plan provides a visual representation of defining a goal and breaking the goal into manageable steps needed to achieve the long terms results. Putting this information on a document allows the student to share the goal with his/her network of support, increasing the chances of reaching the goal.

How To Do It

The templates may be filled out online or printed so the student can write, draw, or use pictures to define the goal and steps needed to attain the goal. You can also use the web app! The web app works on any connected device or computer. 

Goal Plan Videos

The following videos will give you a good idea of how the Goal Plan can be filled out, differentiated, and put to use.
The Importance of Setting Goals
Justin’s Goal Plan
Differentiating the Goal Plan
Taylor’s Goal Plan
Antquan’s Goal Plan
Goal Setting – Elementary

Template Options

Choose the option you want, and then click on the picture to print or download.

Web App

Try out the app version of the Goal Plan! Our web-app is ready to go and can be used on any device with an internet connection. 

Web App

If you just want to quickly fill out a Goal Plan, this is the option for you! Choose either a text or icon-based route and get started.

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