Transition Guide – Employment

Questions to Consider

  • What are your career goals?
  • How will you reach these goals?
  • What supports and/or resources do you need to reach your vocational goals?

Aged 10-12

  • Complete chores at home
  • Explore and discuss what you want to do in the future (dreams)
  • Demonstrate the ability to make choices/develop decision making strategies
  • Follow directions finish what you start

Aged 12-14

  • Describe employability skills
  • Explore Career and Technical Education Program options
  • Begin developing career portfolio – including copies of required identification
  • Engage in community services/volunteering

Aged 14-15

  • Continue career exploration – participate in job shadowing
  • Continue development of career portfolio include copies of assessment, work samples, etc. – link this information to your Summary of Performance
  • Begin to set post high school goals
  • Evaluate future financial needs and how these relate to career choices

Aged 15-16

  • Continue career exploration – situational assessments
  • Continue development of career portfolio include resume development
  • Identify and explore all sources of potential employment
  • Understand/state what it is that you can ‘bring” to an employer
  • Understand private/government resources for employment

Aged 16-17

  • Continue development of career portfolio include updates to all documents
  • Begin narrowing job selection from just “a job to make money” vs “a job that interests you”
  • State and know how to acquire the accommodation and supports needed for employment
  • Discuss what additional training/skills are needed to continue to enhance employment
  • Engage in competitive employment

Aged 18-21

  • Develop skills for employment/volunteer position sustainability
  • Master employability skills
  • Acquire the accommodations and supports needed for employment
  • Make use of private/government resources for employment