Goal Setting & Attainment

Goal Plan Template I'm Determined Poster

iOS App (includes teacher dashboard)


Goal Setting appWeb App (use any connected device)


What it is

The I'm Determined Goal Plan is a visual representation of the steps needed to accomplish an identified goal.  The student's goal is written in the center of the sun.  Each sunray represents an outcome resulting from goal attainment.  In the box that appears below the sun, the steps needed to reach the goal are listed.

How to do it

Use the apps! The iOS app works only with iPads and includes a Teacher Dashboard that allows teachers to track and manage their class. The Web app works on any connected device or computer.

Tips for identifying goals:

  1. Determine if the goal will be short- or long-term.
  2. Refer to the “Life Lines” section of this website to find lessons that focus on goal setting and attainment.
  3. Consider meeting weekly with students to review goals, monitor progress, adjust plans if necessary, and outline next steps.
  4. Refer to the Action steps of the Good Day Plan to help students identify goals.
  5. View the clip by clicking one of the resource buttons below for demonstrations of students using the I'm Determined Goal Plan.
  6. View the "Set your goal; Get your goal" video for more ideas on goal setting and attainment.


I’m Determined Poster

Refer to this poster for a task analysis of the steps involved in the goal setting and attainment process.  To see various models of this process, view the “Set Your Goal, Get Your Goal” videos.

Click buttons below to view Goal Plan resources (videos, templates, examples, etc.)

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