Problem Resolution

We all have issues that don’t go our way and end up straining relationships with others. It’s what we do from that point that determines whether we can maintain positive relationships with those involved or further strain those connections. The Problem Resolution App is designed to help facilitate the collection of narratives of those involved in a particular dilemma. This is a great tool for counselors/facilitators/administrators to gather multiple perspectives around issues that arise.

What it is

The Problem Resolution App allows students to resolve interpersonal concerns by self-reflecting through sharing their story and identifying steps towards a resolution.

What it does

Follow the four steps to find resolutions to problems:

  1. Setting: Select the time, location, date, and how you feel about the incident.
  2. Storyline: From your perspective, capture what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the incident. This can be done by typing or recording a video or your voice.
  3. Solution: Choose the next action that can get you closer to a potential resolution. Options include individual, small group, and community actions depending on the nature of the incident and how it can be resolved.
  4. Review: See your resolution plan on one page to make sure everything is correct. When finished, you can print it or save it so that it can be emailed to those involved.

How to do it

Use the web app! The Web app works on any connected device or computer and is a great way to capture a student’s story in the moment.

Accessibility Mode: This mode puts everything on one page with open text boxes. This is a great option for folks using screen readers. Also, if the student is not able to input their story themselves, this is a nice option for an educator to use in order to capture the student’s voice.

We recommend using something with a larger screen (computer, laptop, tablet), however, it will work on a cell phone as well.

This video case study can be used with the Problem Resolution app. Have students watch the video from the perspective of one of the characters. Then, role-play or go through the Problem Resolution app to find a solution. Pay attention to background details (what is happening inside and outside of school, who the bystanders are, who is there to support).

To help with this activity, print out the Character Profile Cards. Hand out the cards to students or groups of students and have them watch the video from the perspective of that character. Facilitate a discussion after watching the video. Some questions for discussion may include:

  • What does my character know that the other characters need to know?
  • What do the other characters know that my character needs to know?
  • What are some possible solutions to the problem?
  • Who can support the solution to make sure it is effective?
  • Who needs to be a part of the solution?

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