Appomattox High School


Since 2009-2010 school year, Appomattox County High School has been implementing the principles and core-components of the I'm Determined Project with their students with disabilities. Students at the elementary, middle and high school level have all completed the One Pager, and at ACHS, most of the students are using it to develop their IEPs during their IEP meetings. Students, teachers and parents are committed to the program and have seen positive results in the areas of choice-making, problem-solving, self-regulation, disability awareness, and peer-mentoring. 

3 Cool Things

Implementation of the STARS Mentorship Program

Implementation of the STARS Mentorship Program (Students Teaching And Reaching other Students). A once a month, year-round "field-trip based" opportunity that encourages peer-mentoring for students with disabilities. They focus on a different core component each month and develop community-based activities around it.

School-Family I'm Determined Night

School-Family I'm Determined Night, offered as needed, to families with students with disabilities to help bridge the home-school connection and promote family engagement related to self-determination.

Students with disabilities are helping to lead

More than half of their students with disabilities are helping to lead their IEP meetings.

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