Northumberland Middle School

  • District - Northumberland County Public Schools
  • City/County - Heathsville
  • Name - Patti Packett
  • Phone - (804) 580-5753
  • Email -


Northumberland Middle School has been implementing I’m Determined since 2010. Our goal at the middle school was to have our students, including those under age 14, involved in development of their IEP. We also wanted students to be a contributing member of their IEP meeting. 100% of our students with disabilities complete a One-Pager (at minimum) to distribute and/or discuss at their IEP meetings. Some students use other tools as well as part of their transition plan and IEP. I’m Determined is a philosophy at Northumberland Middle School.

3 Cool Things

I'm Determined Dinner

To showcase the I’m Determined philosophy, we hold an annual “I’m Determined” Dinner for families of students with disabilities and faculty. Between 10-15 local youth leaders share information about what they need to succeed in school using a variety of tools from the I’m Determined Website.

I'm Determined Club

To continue with the philosophy outside of the classroom, we started an I’m Determined Club that met monthly after school in the year 2013-2014. At each meeting, we discussed and created a different tool from the I’m Determined Website that students could use to become better self-advocates.


I’m Determined continues to be a philosophy throughout Northumberland Middle School. Our guidance department uses the I’m Determined tools at each grade level when they meet with ALL students, not just those with disabilities, about their yearly schedule.

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