John Wayland Elementary

  • District - Rockingham County Public Schools
  • City/County - Bridgewater Rockingham
  • Name - Maria Rodriguez
  • Phone - (540) 828-6081
  • Email -


John Wayland is a fully-accredited public school in Virginia with strong student achievement. Our goal is to get to know each individual learner, and to help them achieve their best. We got involved with the I'm Determined Project in 2013 after sending a team to a state-wide I'm Determined conference. We are particularly proud of our student-led conferences, which are growing and becoming more popular with an increasing number of teachers, students, and parents becoming involved. 

3 Cool Things

Student-led Conferences

We started student-led conferences this year, beginning with one class from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Students collected work they were proud of, work they could improve on, One-Pagers, and led their meeting with their parents. The conferences were a huge success, and we will be expanding this initiative to more classrooms second semester.


Student Study Referral Process - All students in Student Study will complete the One-Pager with their homeroom teacher. This information will then be shared with the Student Study team. 

Transition for 5th graders entering middle school - All fifth grade students complete One-Pagers in the spring. These are then taken to the middle school counselors to help ease the transition.

Booster sessions using the IMD tools

The goal-setting form, One-Pager and Good Day Plans are used to facilitate student self-awareness and goal-setting. The school counselor leads small group sessions with fourth and fifth grade students who have not met the requirements to attend a grade-level incentive. Booster sessions occur eight times per school year.

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