Mountain View Elementary School

  • District - Alleghany County Public Schools
  • City/County - Covington Alleghany County
  • Name - LeeAnn Gray
  • Phone - 540-863-1737
  • Email -


Mountain View Elementary has been implementing the I’m Determined tools since 2010. The school planning and implementation team has led division efforts to use the One Pager with all students with disabilities. The school’s use of student-led conferences has also served as a model for other schools in the division. The school team continues to support faculty in the school and division in using all I’m Determined tools and to integrate the self-determination core components across school activities as varied as a monthly mentoring club and student talent programs.

3 Cool Things

Student-led conferences

Has student-led conferences for all students in grades four and five.

One Pagers

Has students with disabilities across all grade levels create One Pagers to share with teachers and at IEP meetings.

Family Night events

Has sponsored several Family Night events for students with disabilities and their families to increase support for self-determination.

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