Franklin City Public Schools


The I'm Determined Project was introduced to Franklin City Public Schools by the Transition Coach in 2008. All schools began utilizing aspects of the project during IEP meetings, professional development sessions, and during self-determination/self-advocacy training for students. Since 2008, more teachers have taken a leadership role with I'm Determined activities and the Transition Coach is no longer the only "cheerleader" for the project. Teachers are now creating lessons and activities using the tools available on the I'm Determined website and sharing them with colleagues. Franklin City Public Schools was selected to pilot the I'm Determined app.

3 Cool Things

IEP Involvement

Students with more significant disabilities at the middle school level are becoming more involved in the IEP meetings by utilizing the templates on the I'm Determined website.

Good Day Plans

Students at the elementary school are independently sharing their Good Day plans with their teachers.


Approximately 70% of students in Franklin City Public Schools have led their IEP meetings using the templates provided on the I'm Determined website.

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